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Monte Armato street,8 Loc. Casella
40064 - Ozzano dell'Emilia (Bologna)
Tel/Fax +39 051 6515203
Mobile +39 328/8640496



Open every day
(Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday required reservation, only groups)

Angelo e Claudio Cinelli

Bio Agritourism and organic farm il Poggio
(the Knoll)

Il Poggio it’s us, it is better to say. I am Claudio, he is my father's Angelo. After years of selling cars, I decided to change all my life, but even all! Today I’m one of the youngest farmers in the Bologna area and in front of me I see the future, and I see it along with all the people who wish to share this adventure with me!

Because for sure it is an adventure!

He is the only reason why I'm here! My father Angelo Cinelli, after a life divided between kitchens and  vineyards, in April 2009 decided it was time to retire and let others work ... shame that he never could! And I didn’t allow him to do it!
And so this project  was born.

OutsideA room
Il PoggioPanorama

One thing that makes me proud and I always say it, is that I did not choose a farm, I chose to be a farmer, land is the main issue, that’s where the passion, that’s where life begins and that’s where was born, also, our completely Organic and Bio Farm, for all friends "il Poggio".
As I mentioned I was selling cars but it does not matter, my father Angelo, a chef by profession and a hobby farmer, has spent a lifetime making others feel good. First of all us, his family, me, my mother Giovanna and my sister  Sonia, then all persons which, with great passion, skill and desire to get involved has met along his professional path. At the beginning with his restaurant, The Neptune in Bologna in the 70s and 80s, then in the catering business through which arrived on the tables of many. Sunday at home, devoted himself to the little land we had, a little vineyard, a bit of fruit trees, a little garden ... How couldn’t I not take advantage of such an experience?? Absolutely!

We chose the valley of the IDICE and the beautiful hills of Bologna, the municipality is Ozzano but here the city is light years away.
We have everything but smog, traffic and noises, we have snow in winter, green lawns and flowering trees out of sight in spring and in the summer, the cool, clear and regenerating waters of Idice river close in. What else do you need!
In our farm we eat what we grow in our fields, 15 hectares, all totally organic and biologically certified, we produce in large quantities fruits and vegetables of all kinds and this also allows us to make jams and preserves that, if you want, you can take with you and enjoy at home, perhaps, why not, thinking back to us.

What we are not able to produce, is coming from other neighbor farms, like us, totally organic; that always ensure the highest quality and made in Italy authenticity. We want really to do everything, but unfortunately, a day has only 24 hours ...

We have also set up an area in the courtyard, outdoor, for younger guests that are visiting us, they will be happy and their parents can take some quiet time to "rest" leaving their children have fun in total safety. However, when we’ll be taking your children to see our animals, not many but very nice, we are sure that you’d like to go with us!

The Agri-Bio il Poggio is all that and much more ... we offer you also 11 comfortable and newly refurbished rooms where you can complete the work of detachment from the city ...


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